Here are some shapes. I used this picture to represent all the geometric shapes that fashion designers use to design clothing. For example for a simple skirt a designer would use squares. To make a desighn on the skirt would be made with many shpes,sizes and colors!

Fashion Designers

  Fashion designers use drawing, painting, life drawing, silkscreen, and color theory, fashion and art history are some of the beginning requirements for any fashion design as well. Some designers work with patternmaking, sewing basics, advanced sewing techniques, and digital designing. All these teqniques require math!

  My purpose of showing this pictue of a simple (atleast it looks simple) skirt, is to explain that we go into a store and buy something. We don't realize how much work it was to make the item. In this picture i want to show the pattern on the dress, the materials used to make it and the width and length of the material used to make the skirt.
  A fashion designer's job can be hard. They help create  billions of dresses, suits, shoes, and other clothing and accessories purchased every year by consumers. Designers study fashion and they do work on computers and train by hand as well.
                                                  A Fashion Designers Job...
 is not sitting at an easel drawing pretty dresses all day, it's a complex job that requires artistic, technical, and business skills. All the angles of math require arithmetic and math. Math is used in Pattern design and drafting. Patterns are drafted using measurement charts and hard math. It's not easy to turn something flat, such as paper or fabric, and make it into a three dimensional shape, the human body! Drafting is a sketch before the (real thing),uses percentages and ratios to calculate how much of a difference there is between sizes and where to add the difference. Those are the besics in math and fashion!
                                       Fashion Designers use math for things such as...

*Taking measurements (off model or manequin),
*making patterns
*adjusting patterns
*adding costs 
*placing orders
*to calculate yardage in the fabric needed.
*to measure where to cut                   Continuing Picture on The Home Page

On the home page to the right you will see a picture that shows a womans sizing chart. That looks like the picture above. All the content in the chart must be plugged into a fashion designers brain because this small chart holds all the basics to sizing or measuring a woman. The keys...
are all the places a designer would have to measure in order to get the correct size! To make the job even harder each person has a differnt size there for the mathematical equations are not the same, but the outline (this chart) is!!!

Here is a fashion designer  video (it is also on the home page).  <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>