Here are some shapes. I used this picture to represent all the geometric shapes that fashion designers use to design clothing. For example for a simple skirt a designer would use squares. To make a desighn on the skirt would be made with many shpes,sizes and colors!

Hands On Fashion and Mathematics!!!!!

 I will be posting some hands on math projects that have to do with fashion and math! Also, some real mathematical equations (simple) that have to do with fashion such as i did on the page "how math is related to fashion". Check it out. I will be posting soon! Have a good day.

Well, im back. I have decided that i have given ou loads of new and old, interesting and boring facts about math and now i plan to do atleast 2 hands on projects such as the one i did myself of how much cloth to use for a skirt, and maybe a new idea (ill come up with!).

VERY simple way to make a skirt! Hope you enjoy it.

First, get an accurate measurement for where you want the skirt waistband to hit. This may or may not be your true waist. Measure all around your waist. Mark down the length (inches) on a peice of paper. Elastic will have to be put on the inside of the skirt's waistband. Now stand with your feet apart from eachother by 10 inches. Measure around your legs (just above the knee) with a measuring tape. Also mark this down on paper.

Now you will have to measure from your waistband to above your knee. Multiply the results by 2. Also mark this down on paper. Sooooo now you will have to add 3 inches to the waistband width of your skirt.(this is because you need to scrunch the top up; cut a whole in it and slide your elastic through it and sew it up)!!!! So now add up all the measurements that are about length and then add up the measurements for width. You will need the L and W measurements. You will need these measurements when you buy the fabric. Make sure you leave extra 6 inches on the fabric, just in case.

Now that all the math is done for the most part you can cut the fabric in half and draw the skirt on either side (make sure that they are both reasonably symetrical and the same size). Cut them out and sew them together by hand or by machine. Then... scrunch the waist band up; cut a whole in it and slide your elastic through it. Sew it up. Now you can add whatever you want to it.

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